Are We a Nation of Malnourished People?
Today the Daily Mirror reported that the national plan to make Sri Lanka self-sufficient by 2020 may not happen. Apparently, our cattle and buffalo population had decreased by 7.2% in … Continued
How Safe Are Our Children?
‘Protect us with love’ was the theme under which National Children’s Day was Celebrated yesterday (1 October). In recent weeks, the media have carried stories of sexual abuse of minors … Continued
Sri Lanka, Let’s Not Talk about Sex
Pre-marital sex is considered taboo by a Sri Lankan society that is deeply entrenched in cultural norms and values. Let’s face it – the older generation (inclusive of our parents) … Continued
From MDGs to SDGs: Well done, Sri Lanka – but mind the gaps!
“You’re doing well – but can do better! Try harder!” Teachers have been saying such words to generations of school children. It also seems apt advice for Sri Lanka’s human … Continued
When a pyramid becomes a dome…
Question: Where does a pyramid turn into a dome, and then a barrel? Answer: When it’s the population pyramid! The Population Pyramid is considered the most effective way to visualize … Continued
“Youth are usually the leaders in trends and style which then others follow”
-Otara Gunewardene, Founder of ODEL & Embark As an entrepreneur, who catered largely to young people through fashion did you really feel the power of this bonus of young people? … Continued
Invest in Youth
With the mission of ‘delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled’, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) works with the … Continued
Empowering Youth: Maximizing Dividends
“Policies are for the future, it is neither for today nor yesterday” – Dr. Harsha De Silva, Deputy Minister Policy Planning and Economic Development The recent elections showed the power of … Continued
Capturing Impact
Embracing motherhood before adolescence! A 14 year old mother struggles as a victim of incest to balance raising her newborn baby and experiencing her own childhood. She plays with her … Continued