G2G Event: “Our youth lack skills needed to enter the workforce”
Shyama Salgado, National Programme Coordinator of International Labour Organisation (ILO), spoke at  “Generation to Generation for Our Sri Lanka” dialogue organised by UNFPA Sri Lanka on 16 December 2015 in … Continued
Smartphones talking about basic sex
People with disabilities are considered easy targets by sexual predators – that is why their numbers are disproportionately high among the victims of rape and sexual harassment in Sri Lanka. … Continued
Demographic Dividend: How much time is left for Sri Lanka?
The year 1992 marked something significant in Sri Lanka. For the first time that year, our working age population began to outnumber those who are statistically considered as outside the … Continued
Condoms: The Misunderstood Contraceptive
Condoms seem to have some bad rap in Sri Lanka. According to an island wide survey carried out by the Ministry of Health and the UNFPA, some young people believe … Continued
Shelter from the Storm: Caring for Women and Girls in Crisis
By Alain Sibenaler, Representative of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund [GDC_row] [GDC_column size=”half”] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size=”half”] We live in turbulent times. More than a billion people alive today have … Continued
Why I Quit My Undergrad Degree
Note: This post was contributed by a foreign student enrolled in a BA degree programme in a Sri Lankan university who wishes to remain anonymous. Because of frequent student protests … Continued
Cyber Bullying & Online Safety
What is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying sometimes also called as online bullying, can be defined as the use of technology to deliberately hurt, threaten, upset, harass or embarrass someone else. … Continued
Tarzie Vittachi: “Governments do not have babies; people do!”
This year marks the 70th birthday of the United Nations. It is also 60 years since Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) became a member of the world’s foremost inter-governmental organisation. For … Continued
When ignorance can make you pregnant…
Pregnant at 18, expelled from school and no support from her parents. This is a tragic story of a teenage girl from Anuradhapura. Let’s call her Namali because her story is real … Continued