Eminent Sri Lankan Women in the United Nations
Today (24th October), the United Nations celebrates its platinum anniversary. It marks 70 years of inter-governmental level action for peace, prosperity and sustainable development of all humanity. This is indeed … Continued
When ignorance can make you pregnant…
Pregnant at 18, expelled from school and no support from her parents. This is a tragic story of a teenage girl from Anuradhapura. Let’s call her Namali because her story is real … Continued
Crossing Population’s ‘River of Myths’ with Hans Rosling
[NOTE: World Statistics Day is observed on October 20. This year’s theme emphasizes the role of high quality official statistical information in informed policy and decision making for sustainable development.] … Continued
Are We a Nation of Malnourished People?
Today the Daily Mirror reported that the national plan to make Sri Lanka self-sufficient by 2020 may not happen. Apparently, our cattle and buffalo population had decreased by 7.2% in … Continued
Are Older People Sri Lanka’s ‘Forgotten Generation’?
Shuffling through Friday’s (02 October) newspapers, there were quite a few stories about children. This was expected given that yesterday was National Children’s Day. Front pages were splashed with pictures … Continued
Sri Lanka, Let’s Not Talk about Sex
Pre-marital sex is considered taboo by a Sri Lankan society that is deeply entrenched in cultural norms and values. Let’s face it – the older generation (inclusive of our parents) … Continued
From MDGs to SDGs: Well done, Sri Lanka – but mind the gaps!
“You’re doing well – but can do better! Try harder!” Teachers have been saying such words to generations of school children. It also seems apt advice for Sri Lanka’s human … Continued
We are in a state of domestic war.
  Did you know?   Most often by someone she knows. Throughout the years, progress has been made in Sri Lanka to address violence in the domestic sphere. The implementation … Continued
Capturing Impact
Embracing motherhood before adolescence! A 14 year old mother struggles as a victim of incest to balance raising her newborn baby and experiencing her own childhood. She plays with her … Continued