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Issues in labour force participation in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a country which has a very high unemployment rate. The overall unemployment is 45% whereas female unemployment rate is 65%. “Sri Lanka needs to get more people … Continued
Demographic shift and the development opportunities
Sri Lanka is experiencing a demographic dividend under which the child population is decreasing, labour force increasing and also the elderly population increasing but in a manageable size, said Dr....Continued
Why is data so important in journalism?
One of Mark Twain’s cliche but brainy quote is “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Many who quote this to ridicule statistics ignore the fact that … Continued
Whose UN is it anyway?
There are many people in this country who think United Nations Organization is their enemy. They say UN is imperialist, pro-west, anti-Sri Lanka, conspiracy and so forth. All know that … Continued
Single mothers in female headed households
Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war is an important factor which has contributed to the upward trend in Female Headed Households, particularly in the Northern and Eastern provinces of the country. Currently, … Continued
Story of a Colombo Single Mom
For the other women who are married and think single women are all out to get your husbands, think again. If you are not happy in your marriage, somebody else...Continued
Digging into the Global Youth Development Index (YDI); can we celebrate?
We tend to think that Sri Lanka performs fairly well in terms of education, health and well-being. But the YDI ranks Sri Lanka 108 in education and 95 in health...Continued
We must beat the barriers that hinder women – Jayanthi Kuru Uthumpala, first Sri Lankan to summit Everest
Ms. Jayanthi Kuru Uthumpala is the first Sri Lankan to summit Everest peak. She was born in Dehiwala in 1979. After her school education at Bishop’s College, Colombo, she graduated … Continued
Be aware, Make right decisions: GBV & SRHR workshop at Eastern University
That was a remote corner of Batticaloa district. Nobody scored 8As in O/Ls in that small village other than Sara. She became  the talk of the town in that very … Continued