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The Aftermath of Roanu: Women Most Affected
It’s 1pm and the Vidyawardana Maha Vidyalaya – a school in Wellampitiya – is a beehive of activity. Not with school children on recess, but with army officers handing out … Continued
Flood Waters Recede, but Women Remain Vulnerable
  First published – As the flood waters recede and the supermarkets recover from zealous good Samaritans picking them clean, the people in the flood-affected areas now enter the … Continued
What if we ban men from working abroad?
After all, for the wellbeing of the family it’s best that both parents are around to bring up their children. How can a mother raise her children by herself? It’s … Continued
Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress
October 11 was the International Day of the Girl Child. This year’s theme was “Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: A Global Data Movement” which means that what counts for girls … Continued
Eighteen years old Sri Lankan woman Ramya Kanthi, a late mother of four babies
She died after giving birth to triplets. Doctors operated a cesarean section doubting she had twins needed to be saved through urgent premature delivery. However, Ramya could not survive the...Continued
You cannot buy the spirit of Christmas
In Sri Lanka,128 killed, 122 disappeared due to natural disasters in 2016
A report submitted by the Ministry of Disaster Management of Sri Lanka to the parliament indicates that 128 persons have been killed and further 122 have been disappeared due to natural … Continued
Fertility and nuptiality of Sri Lanka
“Sri Lanka is the only country of South Asia where the mean age of marriage is decreasing. Teenage pregnancies are also on the rise there,” United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Sri … Continued
Elections and Youth Participation in Sri Lanka
The translation of the article submitted by Ajith Perakum Jayasinghe to the collection of articles published by the Election Commission to mark the 85th anniversary of the universal franchise of...Continued