Women and Girls are the Most Vulnerable in Disaster Situations
Sri Lanka has come together to provide relief from food and clothes to those volunteering to swim muddy waters to rescue people trapped in houses. As rescue efforts continue, victims … Continued
Caring for Everyone except Her Child
Chamindri* had 6 more months of maternity leave left. Her daughter was now just 3 months old and still needed the mother’s close attention, but Chamindri had little choice. So … Continued
Sure, You Can be a Working Mum
Here are a few more facts about maternity leave The law provides for breastfeeding breaks for nursing mothers Some companies provide paternity leave. Check with your company to see if … Continued
What Love is Not
By Nuha Rishafy   What is love anyway? My theory is that love can’t be defined – love is a mother breaking rest to feed her child in the early … Continued
Award winners of What Love is Not competition
The winners of What Love is Not writing competition organized by Kiyanna were awarded on April 09, 2016 at UNFPA office, Colombo. Congratulations writers!
Where Have All the Working Women Gone?
Did you know that only 10.3% of women in the Sri Lankan work force are employers? This is odd given that our women account for 59.7% of students enrolled in … Continued
Lahiru Pathmalal: What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
Starting your own business can be daunting, but a great idea and steel determination may just be all you need. Lahiru Pathmalal, co-founder of Takas — one of Sri Lanka’s … Continued
Women Heading Households Continue to Suffer Despite Aid
At a recent panel discussion on Women Heading Households (WHH), one thing that struck me the most was an incident related by Aranya Rajasingham, executive director of Viluthu. Soon after the … Continued
Do We Need a Youth Policy?
  Onali Ariyabandhu, UNFPA’s Social Change Campaigns Assistant, attended the ‘Conference on sharing international experiences on youth development policy’ held in Vietnam two weeks ago. She spoke about her inspiring work … Continued