Why is data so important in journalism?
One of Mark Twain’s cliche but brainy quote is “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Many who quote this to ridicule statistics ignore the fact that … Continued
Eighteen years old Sri Lankan woman Ramya Kanthi, a late mother of four babies
She died after giving birth to triplets. Doctors operated a cesarean section doubting she had twins needed to be saved through urgent premature delivery. However, Ramya could not survive the...Continued
Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress
October 11 was the International Day of the Girl Child. This year’s theme was “Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: A Global Data Movement” which means that what counts for girls … Continued
What can we offer to ageing Somalatha of Sri Lanka?
  Somalatha is a rural woman who lives in a border village in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. She is a 54-year old rubber factory worker. “Rubber prices have … Continued
Is gender discrimination a part of teacher training in Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka’s Colleges of Education are highly important as teacher training centres. The 16 Colleges of Education situated island wide produce the bulk of the trained teachers. The trainees for the … Continued
Gender-based violence undermines the health, dignity, security and autonomy of its victims
Teachers must be trained on teaching sexual and reproductive health
“I have met some adults also who do not know where the vagina entrance, urethral opening and clitoris are located. That is why the sexual and reproductive health education is … Continued
Channeling the Energy of the Youth Towards Creating Positive Change
Sri Lanka’s youth are often viewed as firebrands for violence. It isn’t surprising considering the riots of ’83 to the almost monthly protests by university students, our youth have been … Continued
Our Youth on Gender Based Violence