Month: December 2016

Fertility and nuptiality of Sri Lanka
“Sri Lanka is the only country of South Asia where the mean age of marriage is decreasing. Teenage pregnancies are also on the rise there,” United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Sri … Continued
In Sri Lanka,128 killed, 122 disappeared due to natural disasters in 2016
A report submitted by the Ministry of Disaster Management of Sri Lanka to the parliament indicates that 128 persons have been killed and further 122 have been disappeared due to natural … Continued
You cannot buy the spirit of Christmas
Education and the development opportunities of Sri Lanka
In the finance sector, the time taken to double the knowledge is 18 years. In marketing, it is eight years. But for the IT industry the time needed to double...Continued
Issues in labour force participation in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a country which has a very high unemployment rate. The overall unemployment is 45% whereas female unemployment rate is 65%. “Sri Lanka needs to get more people … Continued
Demographic shift and the development opportunities
Sri Lanka is experiencing a demographic dividend under which the child population is decreasing, labour force increasing and also the elderly population increasing but in a manageable size, said Dr....Continued
Condoms for triple zeros
Sri Lanka is a country of low prevalence in terms HIV/AIDS. Sri Lanka has achieved this status basically due to the strategic planning and highly productive investments by the Ministry … Continued