Month: January 2016

Family Background Report for Migrant Worker Women: Not Yet Abolished
Over the past few weeks, feminists and other progressives have been excited to hear that the controversial Family Background Report (FBR) was going to be abolished. Reports such as this … Continued
Free medical checkups for women – but few takers
Did you know that if you’re a woman, and you’re 30 years or older, you are entitled to a free medical check-up for cervical and breast cancer? You’re not alone … Continued
Free Reproductive Health Care for those below 18 is now possible
Sri Lanka has some policies in place that activists in other countries envy.  These free education and free healthcare in state institutions; questions only rise in implementation and clarity of … Continued
Sri Lankan Rap & Hoe-Culture
By Shifani Reffai   I just watched a new music video that came out a week ago, by Sri Lankan rappers Mandira N Maliga (…). The video has got a … Continued