Month: December 2015

Mass media and mass hysteria on Enrique Iglesias
Yesterday we wrote about what some young people thought about the chaos that erupted after the Enrique Iglesias’s ‘Sex and Love’ concert in Sri Lanka. One disturbing incident was the … Continued
Birds and bees info for those with functional difficulties
I recently had an interesting conversation with a friend who uses a pair of crutches. He insisted that people with physical or mental impairments should be referred to as ‘disabled’ … Continued
Enrique, Thank You for Sparking Off a National Conversation!
The Enrique Iglesias concert ‘Sex and Love’, held in Colombo on 20 December 2015, has been in the news for days and remains a hot topic of conversation. Alas, for … Continued
G2G Event: How best to increase women’s participation in Lankan politics?
Aaranya Rajasingam, Executive Director – Programme at Viluthu Centre for Human Resource Development, spoke at “Generation to Generation for Our Sri Lanka” dialogue organised by UNFPA Sri Lanka on 16 … Continued
G2G Event: “Our youth lack skills needed to enter the workforce”
Shyama Salgado, National Programme Coordinator of International Labour Organisation (ILO), spoke at  “Generation to Generation for Our Sri Lanka” dialogue organised by UNFPA Sri Lanka on 16 December 2015 in … Continued
Smartphones talking about basic sex
People with disabilities are considered easy targets by sexual predators – that is why their numbers are disproportionately high among the victims of rape and sexual harassment in Sri Lanka. … Continued
Demographic Dividend: How much time is left for Sri Lanka?
The year 1992 marked something significant in Sri Lanka. For the first time that year, our working age population began to outnumber those who are statistically considered as outside the … Continued
The vulnerable ‘We’
The monsoon that has washed over Sri Lanka in torrents in the past few months has left 53,673 people severely affected in the Northern Province, according to the Disaster Management … Continued
Condoms: The Misunderstood Contraceptive
Condoms seem to have some bad rap in Sri Lanka. According to an island wide survey carried out by the Ministry of Health and the UNFPA, some young people believe … Continued