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For ‘Mind and Soul’: Sri Lanka Eases Way To Legal Recognition of Transgender People
(Nirasha Piyawadani, Global Press Journal) Bhoomi Harendran, 26, has begun hormonal therapy to physically change her gender to reflect a woman’s anatomy. She has had regular consultations with a psychiatrist … Continued
A classic example for alacrity in Sri Lanka’s health sector
However, if the virus was to enter the key population networks like female sex workers, men who have sex with men, ‘beach boys’, and injection drug users that engage in...Continued
The new debate in Sri Lankan media on homosexuality
(Cartoonist Gihan de Chickera portrays the brain on the left as homosexual and the brain on the right as homophobic in the above displayed cartoon.) Sri Lanka government’s recent moves … Continued
You cannot buy the spirit of Christmas
Demographic shift and the development opportunities
Sri Lanka is experiencing a demographic dividend under which the child population is decreasing, labour force increasing and also the elderly population increasing but in a manageable size, said Dr....Continued
Condoms for triple zeros
Sri Lanka is a country of low prevalence in terms HIV/AIDS. Sri Lanka has achieved this status basically due to the strategic planning and highly productive investments by the Ministry … Continued
Six months after landslide of Aranayaka, Sri Lanka (A Photo Story)
We visited Elagapitiya, Aranayaka in Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. We were there to observe how the life was picking up among the hundreds of families who lost their beloved … Continued
Whose UN is it anyway?
There are many people in this country who think United Nations Organization is their enemy. They say UN is imperialist, pro-west, anti-Sri Lanka, conspiracy and so forth. All know that … Continued
Why is data so important in journalism?
One of Mark Twain’s cliche but brainy quote is “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Many who quote this to ridicule statistics ignore the fact that … Continued