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Demographic shift and the development opportunities
Sri Lanka is experiencing a demographic dividend under which the child population is decreasing, labour force increasing and also the elderly population increasing but in a manageable size, said Dr....Continued
I have to work even though I cannot, my son
I saw this elderly woman while I and my friend Sajeewa Chamikara were traveling in Kaludiyaalla area in Monaragala district to look into a land issue of the people of … Continued
What can we offer to ageing Somalatha of Sri Lanka?
  Somalatha is a rural woman who lives in a border village in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. She is a 54-year old rubber factory worker. “Rubber prices have … Continued
Demographic Dividend: How much time is left for Sri Lanka?
The year 1992 marked something significant in Sri Lanka. For the first time that year, our working age population began to outnumber those who are statistically considered as outside the … Continued