Six months after landslide of Aranayaka, Sri Lanka (A Photo Story)
by Parakum Jayasinghe
November 15, 2016

We visited Elagapitiya, Aranayaka in Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. We were there to observe how the life was picking up among the hundreds of families who lost their beloved and the property six months ago in the landslide in Ramasarakanda mountain.

Elagapitiya camp which is located close to the foot of the mountain, houses hundreds of people who have been evacuated from landslide prone slopes of the mountain.

Camp life is not easy although basic amenities have been provided to them. It was not a hot day. But inside the tents, it was scorching hot.

But the life must go although it is hard. They cannot go back to their houses even though they are intact for the moment. Government has banned living there for the sake of the safety of the people. Government is building houses for them. Priority is given to those who lost their houses with kith and kin burying under them.

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Life in camp


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