Lahiru Pathmalal: What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
by Kiyanna Staff
March 23, 2016

Starting your own business can be daunting, but a great idea and steel determination may just be all you need. Lahiru Pathmalal, co-founder of Takas — one of Sri Lanka’s largest ecommerce sites — speaks to Kiyanna about what it takes to be a start-up entrepreneur in Sri Lanka.

Takas started out as a modest online store with a few electronic gadgets for sale. It’s now easily the best known ecommerce site in Sri Lanka, and by the end of last year it received US$500,000 in funding by local investors.

When Takas set up shop there weren’t too many online stores in Sri Lanka so one of the challenges ‘team Takas’ needed to overcome was encouraging people to start buying online. Fast forward four years on, today the culture is picking up gradually but still with a degree of diffidence. As Lahiru says in the the interview, the challenges are endless.

He shares some valuable advice on how to make your start-up successful in this interview with Kiyanna. Having a great team, not being afraid to take risks and staying positive when the prophets of doom surround you, are key to making it in Sri Lanka where start-ups are fast becoming popular.


Kiyanna Staff