There’s no abuse in love
by Kiyanna Staff
February 9, 2016


“My boyfriend asked me if I love him and trust him from the bottom of my heart. When I answered ‘yes’, he asked me if I could prove it.

I loved him so much and since I’ve been in the relationship with him for two years, I told him I’d do anything to prove that our love is forever. He then took the opportunity and asked me to spend a night with him during his birthday weekend.

He was inviting me to have sex for the first time. When I said I can’t because I felt I wasn’t ready, he started threatening me. I was too shocked; I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to have sex with him, I just wasn’t ready for it. It was my personal choice.

But he kept yelling, threatening and forcing me to have sex. I knew this was not right. I didn’t want to lose him; he is the love of my life. But I thought to myself, why should I prove my love for him by sacrificing my body, my choice and my rights, just to please him?

So I told my closest friend about what’s happening and we decided to get help from our former A/L class teacher. I took her advice and felt confident enough to say ‘NO’!


This is a real account by an A/L student. She had the courage to say no to being coerced into having sexual relations with her boyfriend. She realized that being intimidated into having sexual relations is not love.


Know your rights

Sexually harassing someone by words or by action is a punishable offense. Persons found guilty can be convicted with imprisonment extended to five years, or a fine, or with both a fine and imprisonment.


Information gathered from UNFPA Sri Lanka sources.


Kiyanna Staff