What is Kiyanna?
Kiyanna is a trilingual blog platform to voice opinions and encourage discussion on issues relating to women, young people, elderly -- and the Sri Lankan society at large. It is open to everyone. We invite our readers to join the conversations by offering comments to already posted content, or writing a new item, or sharing any non-text digital creation relevant to the topics we discuss here.
Who is it for?
If you have thoughts and opinions you would like to share just click on the contribute tab at the top of this page.
Guidelines for contribution
Blog posts on Kiyanna are not restricted to text. We welcome and encourage photo-stories, cartoons, infographics, videos, and artwork as well.
You don’t need to be an expert on issues relating to women, young people, or the elderly to share your views (at the same time, expert opinions are welcomed too!).
Kiyanna platform administrators reserve the right to edit your submissions to improve clarity, focus and brevity. Such editing is done only to enhance their value, and not to change any opinions expressed.
Content that contains abusive language, discriminatory remarks or matters completely outside the scope of this blog will be edited or not published.
Blog posts ideally should be around 500 to 700 words. Longer posts can be considered in exceptional situations where it is justified (for example, to relate a complex experience).
All contributors of content – written and visual – to Kiyanna are required to submit their own work, over which they hold intellectual property rights. Kiyanna would publish suitable content in good faith, but reserves the right to remove them later in the event of any dispute arising over authorship or ownership of the material thus published.
Contributors must provide their real name and a contact (email address or mobile phone number). Content would normally appear under the contributor’s real name unless s/he requests it to be published under a pseudonym (pen name) for valid reasons (such as when relating a personal experience).
We ask all our contributors to include a line or two about themselves at the end of the post. And if possible, an image (without copyrights issues) that can be used to illustrate text-based posts.